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Wireless LED Warning Lights

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Early warning devices are a must when traveling. There are times that we need to get out of our vehicle.

This means that other moving vehicles need to know that our vehicle has stopped and that our car door is open too. This Wireless LED Warning Lights provides early warning to any car, motorcycle or bike that is incoming and prevents them from crashing into your car door.

  • Prevent accidents from car door crashes
  • LED lights blink as soon as car door is opened
  • Easy installation with no wiring needed
  • Waterproof lights mean it will work even after a carwash or rainy season

        Ensure your safety every time you are on the road. Quickly install this Wireless LED Warning Lights on your car doors and help lessen accidents on the road.


        1. Clean surface and ensure it is dry and clear from any dirt.
        2. Determine where to place the magnet and the light piece. Take note that when the car door is closed, the magnet and light piece should be in front of each other.
        3. Ensure batteries are inside the light pieces
        4. Put adhesives at the back of the magnet and light piece respectively.
        5. Remove protective paper and place the magnet and light piece in the desired area 
        6. Press against the light piece and magnet firmly to ensure proper adhesion

        Color: Red / Yellow / Blue

        Package Inclusions:  1 set  - 2pcs Wireless LED Warning Lights