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WinterBest Zipped Toilet Seat Cover

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Say NO to cold shocks in cold winter mornings!

While not life-threatening or important in the grand scheme of things, cold toilet seats can still suck the fun out of life, one chilly flush at a time. If you’re tired of dealing with the cold and are now looking for extra comfort in your bathroom this winter, WinterBest Zipped Toilet Seat Cover will help you stay warm and happy while doing your private business.

Let the WinterBest Zipped Toilet Seat Cover keep you warm and comfy. What's more, it adds a luxurious look to every bathroom. Perfect gift for everybody, especially for ladies, new/expecting mamas, and the elderly.


  • Provides warm and comfortable all year round - not just for winter!
  • Extra Plush!! 200% thicker than competing brands
  • Ultra soft, sanitary, and luxurious
  • Comes with a lid handle that keeps hands gem-free
  • Stretchy to fit various seat shapes
  • Stay-in-place zipper edges
  • Fool-proof installation with zipper closure
  • Made of high quality acrylic fibers
  • Durable, reusable and machine washable

Because the warmer your butt, the happier your life.