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Ionic Shower Head, High-Pressure Shower

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Ionic Shower Head, High-Pressure Shower

This Is The Best Affordable Solution To Restore Your Skin And Hair To Its Natural Luster
We all know how frustrating overpriced hair and skincare products can be.

You pay for shampoos, conditioners, soaps, lotions, you name it. All the stuff you need to look and feel good.... it adds up.

The old way is slow and will wear you out so much that you will not even enjoy getting to your goals. So, it doesn't come as a surprise that more and more people are searching for affordable, simpler, natural solutions to filter out harmful chemicals and invigorate their skin.


  • KEEP YOUR HEALTH: Unlike other showers, our filtered shower head is designed with All-natural Bio-active Stones. Provide Eco-pure Water Filtration to reduce fluoride and softens water by filtering up to 99.9% of the harmful substance to improve the cleaning effect, make your skin and hair smoother and softer
  • COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE: Vitog showerhead With Rainfall/ Massage/ Jetting spray 3 way. Provide you a special shower experience. Feeling gentle and comfortable. Using filtered water from the showerhead to increase cell viability and make your skin healthier. The water is fine dense and uniform that will make the skin smoother
  • ONE-PRESS WATER STOP and HIGH-PRESSURE SHOWERHEADS: One-press Water Stop Pause Switch puts instant flow control at your fingertips. This prevents unnecessary water waste in the shower. The revolutionary micro nozzle technology makes the outlet holes smaller and denser, increasing the speed of the water flow, thereby increasing the water pressure. At the same time-saving water to 50%
  • ECO-FRIENDLY ABS MATERIAL: All-Chrome Finish makes it looks elegant which will not scratch, chip, or fade. A high press handheld showerhead is made of high-quality ABS material which is resistant to high temperature and drop. All-natural Bio-active Stones provide Eco-pure Water Filtration to remove harmful substances to reduce oil secretion, improved cleaning effect, and hair loss prevention

    What is it?
    It is the new patented High-Pressure Water-Saving Mineral Cleansing Shower Head. Expensive skin and hair products are no longer needed because of this new technology.

    Developed by a group of renowned scientists and dermatologists using ceramic and negative ion activated Germanium stones, is a non-invasive technology that is proven to be the most effective way to cleanse the body of harmful chemicals and toxins that damage your skin and hair.

    Filter Water Shower Head

    Ceramic mineral balls:

    Remove impurities keep the PH balanced.

    Anion mineral balls:

    Makes a variety of precious minerals which easy to absorbed by the skin. Make the skin soft and elastic.

    Natural Zeolite Mineral balls:

    Activate cells promote blood circulation. Delay skin aging. Effective filter water impurities.

    3 Modes Adjustable

    Jetting/Massage/Rainfall. Each waterfall mode has different water volumes and water pressures to meet the personal shower preferences of your whole family. There is a rocker switch on the head part of the shower for easy changing between the 3 modes.


    The water is fine dense and uniform that will take the skin feels gentle and comfortable.


    With the Massage spray way, not a single spray intersects - resulting in a remarkably powerful, sensual experience.


    Rainfall mode is a comfortable and delicate uninterrupted water drop that makes your skin feel rainy.


    Dense small holes designed makes the generated water mist be thicker, give you a SPA-like shower experience while saving water by 50%.

    ON / OFF Pause Switch:

    Humanized design of pause function, you can push the button to pause immediately once you don’t need water, more convenient to saving water in the product.

    High-pressure Shower Head

    The revolutionary laser drilling technology makes the outlet holes smaller and denser, increasing the speed of the water flow, thereby increasing the water pressure.