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V-Shape Secret™

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Slim Down Face For A Perfect Jaw
And V-shaped Face!

Annoyed with the double chin that shows up whenever taking a photo? Stop worrying and this is the solution! V-Shape Secret™ is a face slimming band that is targeted at slimming down chubby cheeks, face lifting and tightening and gives a V-shaped face without any pain or surgery.

V-Shape treats double chin fat, and sculpts the jawline area with toning and lifting effect against saggy, loose skin! It effectively tightens facial muscles and meltdown facial fats as it boosts the lymphatic system and releases toxins and stored sodium through sweat. It is comfortable, adjustable and a perfect fit for all head sizes.

It restores the loose and sagging skin instantly at the very comfort of home. And it is reusable and washable.



Package Included:

  • 1 X V-Shape Secret™