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Remote Smart Neck Massager, Electric Trainer

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Remote Smart Neck Massager, Electric Trainer


  • Material: plastic
  • Type: neck massager
  • Cordless and Portable: The whole massage machine weighs 0.35lb as light as a headphone. 450 mA built-in battery, every charge can support 4 hours. When charging, please connect the interface tightly. You can use it whenever and wherever without charge every time, home, office, gym, airplane, etc
  • Best Massage Experience: Pulse heated neck massage, 107.6ºF constant temperature fomentation, there are 3 different modes and 15 kinds of strength to meet your needs. The neck massager can simulate real human massage to promote blood circulation, relieve your neck pain, active tissue cells, relieve shoulder tiredness, and finally relax your whole body
  • Easy to Use: Press the button for 3 seconds to start, 3 massage modes, 15 intensity adjustments. Please wipe the neck and the 2 metal pads with a wet washcloth before you use this neck massager
  • Ergonomic Design: The neck massage is made from a silicate gel pad, skin-friendly breathable materials to avoid discomfort or allergies caused by long-time exposure. The Massage machine adopts an intelligent 3D floating electrode plate and a 4-point fixed design. And it designed to be a "U" shape to fit the physiological curve of the neck and ensure the comfort of use, the best gift for Women Men.


    Get a deep tissue pulse-like massage that relieves neck tension, stiffness, and pain. justgoti™ 4 point panel design feels incredible on your neck without any irritation - Better than a real human massage!


    Use justgoti™ at work, at home, at a park to get that relaxing therapy and remove any soreness and stress in just 10 minutes.

    It's like having your personal massager on your hand anywhere, anytime - 24/7.

    Lightweight to carry around and the flexible design is a perfect fit for any size neck.


    Working long shifts, sitting at a desk, or frequently using a smartphone causes neck pain, stiffness, headaches. Prolonged stiffness can cause muscle spasms, shortness of breath, migraines, and long-term health issues.

    Use justgoti™ for just 10 minutes and get the incredible feeling of relief. It will completely remove pain and stiffness and increase blood circulation.

    Different from Traditional Neck Massager

    ● 0.35lb, It's ultralight and portable, can use it anywhere, even an airplane.

    ● Fashion design, regardless of age, occupation, any relaxation occasion is suitable for the application, you can charge with any external power supply.

    ● Charged with Micro-USB general interface, getting rid of the limitations of traditional lines.

    3 Differents Modes and 15 Strength

    ● Automatic mode, application for daily massage

    ● Soothing mode

    ● Vitality mode

    15 kinds of strength to meet your different massage needs, providing you with the best comfortable experience.

    107.6℉ Fomentation

    ● Like, put heating pads or warm wet towels on your neck. Promoting blood circulation, relieving your neck pain and shoulder tiredness.

    ● Stimulates and relaxes muscles simultaneously, promotes blood circulation, and releases muscle pressure.

    Remote Control


    • You don't need to find the button in the massager if you want to change the mode or strength when you are using it.
    • Just need to click the buttons on the remote controller, you can choose your favorite model and strength.

    U-sharped Ergonomic Design


    • U-sharped Fashion design, regardless of age, occupation, silicone soft material comfortable and suitable for anybody neck
    • Charged with Micro-USB general interface, getting rid of the limitations of traditional lines.
    • Only 0.35 lb weight, light, and portable free your hands

    Do you have trouble with neck pain? Do you feel pain while working? Have you tried to ease your pain?

    Due to work for a long time, long time facing the computer, many people feel neck hurt. The neck massager can help to relieve pain in the neck and shoulders. If you're stressed or just need to unwind, a neck massager will help you to relax.

    Long press the power button for three seconds, it will begin to work

    Default 0, you need to press the remote control + button to adjust the strength and massage mode.

    If you change the mode, the strength will restore 0,please press + again.

    Package Includes:
    1X Neck Massager