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Universal Portable Invisible Laptop Stand

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Working hours after hours with your laptop hurt your back?

While the laptop has offered us the flexibility to work anywhere we want, the downside of it create shoulder pain and discomfort after long hours.

You want a stand that can lift your laptop but everything on that market is too big and bulky that you hate carrying around. This is why we design SleekStand™, a lightweight, portable, convenient, feel “invisible” to help you relieve the stress on you put on you back every day working.

When you get older your back will appreciate the day you choose to choose this stand

Holds up to 18lbs, fits up to 15.6'' laptops

Constructed with special PU and fibreglass material, the SleekStand™ is strong and stable enough to hold up to 18 lbs. The built-in magnets allow you to unfold the laptop stand quickly and securely attach it to a flat surface.