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Paint Spray Guide Tool - 50% OFF Pre-Christmas Sale!

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🎄 50% OFF Pre-Christmas Sale! 🎄

A Perfect Addition To Your Toolbox This Holiday Season!

Painting is easier and less stressful than ever. Cut your painting time in half with this innovative Paint Spray Guide Tool! Our tool blocks out splatter when painting edges and hard to reach places, and replaces the need to painstakingly tape around corner surfaces.

Paint Faster, Paint Easier, Paint Cheaper

Not only does the Paint Spray Guide Tool prevent you from having to manually tape and remove every single corner, roof, windowsill, and floorboard on your wall...It's also incredibly intuitive to use, designed to be completely splatter-proof, essentially removing the risk of accidental stains. Not to mention you'll also save money on tape waste in the long run!

Get precise lines without damaging outlets, ceilings, fireplaces, or floors with paint. Perfect for holiday paint jobs!

Why You Need It?

  • Save Money On Damaged Floors, Ceilings, or Outlets
  • Universally Connects To Any 7/8" Sprayer
  • Easy To Use, Just Roll & Spray
  • Eliminates All Paint Splatter
  • Save Time & Effort With Tape Or Brushes

Simply attach the Spray Guide Tool to the nozzle of the sprayer, and start painting! It's that easy.! Perfect for professional painters, home renovation, or small touch-ups, this will save you time and money wasted on tapes, precision brushing, or replacing damaged floors or ceilings.


  • 1 x Seal
  • 1 x Airless Spray Tip
  • 1 x Spray Guide Tool