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Unbreakable Man Magic Tricks Toy

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Want a simple little magic?

Unbreakable Wooden Toy

The magic puppet toy won’t be broken! Even if it is knocked down and collapsed, it will stand up again and return to its original state. Its movements seem like the audience is watching cartoons. The magical little wooden man jumped to avoid being hammered. Take it and play with your children, or show your friends this amazing treasure at a party! Let them sigh with your wonderful magic!


  • Unbreakable Wooden Man Magic Toy: It moves as if the spectator watches animation. Magic Tricks Toy can magical jumps to avoiding hammer. Even it is knocked down and collapsed, it magically re-shapes (re-builds).
  • Material: Made of wooden material. Note: It's not a magnet, it needs to be connected to the props through a thin line, and you need a certain amount of hands-on ability to complete the game.
  • Educational Toys: This toy can mobilize the child's brain, let him think, how to hit the wooden block toy will not fall, cultivate the child's thinking ability and hands-on ability.
  • Exquisite Design: Exquisite design, exquisite appearance, magical reshaping, easy attraction to attract the attention of children and adults, is a great gift and magical for them.
  • Unique Magic: The toy is an interesting and unique magic with traditional Japanese toys, suitable for children, adult and so on.

Unbreakable wooden Man Magic Toy

Package Includes:

  • 1 × Unbreakable wooden Man Magic Toy