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Twist Wire Connector

Hole Diameter:
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Hassle-Free Wiring!

No need to sweat it out too much in fixing and setting up your wiring, the Twist Wire Connector will do it for you.

This innovative design will speed things up - with its drill bit design that you can easily attach to your hand drills, you can quickly wire even without stripping the wires manually. Perfect for BV hard wires that are really difficult to setup and strip.

Just attach the Twist Wire Connector into your hand drills, prepare the cord wires and in seconds you can your neatly wired cords.

A must-have for all do-it-yourselfers out there! Grab yours today!



DIY Supplies: Electrical
Use: Metal Drilling
length: Electrical Wire Fast Connector Drill bit
Model Number: 4 2.5 mm Square Electrical
For: electrician tools Wire stripper
Size: Suitable for 2.5/4 Square Cable