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the magic butterfly,Magic Fairy Flying Butterfly

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the magic butterfly, Magic Fairy Flying Butterfly

Set hearts aflutter with enchanting Magic Butterflies. Gently wind the wings in a circular motion and place the paper butterfly flat in a card or a book. When the recipient opens it, the butterfly takes flight for a joyous surprise. Watch the video online. Perfect for any special occasion, these ingenious little creatures can be reused over and over again. Set of two: one regal monarch and one bright blue beauty.


  • Enjoy by yourself: rubber band flying butterfly is easy to play, just rotate the rubber band by clockwise or anticlockwise about 30 - 50 times, then lose both your hands, the butterfly will fly, different angles may fly to different directions
  • Reliable material: the magic flying butterfly is made of quality materials, the wings part is made of paper, and the body part is made of plastic and rubber band, durable and flexible to play with, an interesting toy will provide you with happier to play at indoor and outdoor
  • Beautiful fairy flying butterflies: come with 5 pieces of rubber band powered wind up butterfly toys in vibrant colors, designed in 5 different styles, nice for you to play and have fun with friends
  • Attractive appearance with bright color: butterfly toys are designed in various colors, like red, black, orange, blue, pink, etc., novel and cute design, 5 designs in total, you can choose the favorite one or share with friends
  • Wide usages: flying butterfly toy can serve as prizes or awards for students who have behaved well in the class, or for your son or daughter, they can play with these interesting toys at birthday parties or other occasions, also are beautiful decorations for many places


    You can place one wind-up butterfly toy in a book or card and have it fly out when somebody opens it, which will create much fun. You can also use it as an adorable stocking stuffer for boys and girls, which will make them full of joy.


    This wind-up butterfly fairy toy is easy and fun to play with, you can use it to relax or play together with your friends or classmates, suitable for school, company activities, and other outdoor activities, practical tools to improve the relationship between each other and leave you an unforgettable memory.


    Designed with a variety of beautiful and vivid butterfly patterns, available in 20 different styles, which will be nice props to prepare a surprise for your wife, girlfriend, or others you care about. Butterflies flying from the book will make the one feel surprised, creating a romantic atmosphere, and cheering them up.

    Easy to operate:

    1. First, hold the butterfly's tail in your left hand, and turn the butterfly's head about 30-50 times in your right hand.

    2. Release your hands, and you can also put the wind-up butterfly toy in a book or card.

    3. As long as he opens the book or card, the beautiful butterfly toy will fly out and surprise them.


1. Manual measurement, please allow a slight dimensional error.

2. The wings are made of paper, please do not fold.

3. Avoid contact with water.

4. Suitable for children over 12 years old.