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Toilet Sensor Night Light

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No more stumbling around in the dark! No more messy cleanups! No more falling in the bathroom. This Toilet Sensor Night Light can light up your toilet seat and make potty training fun.


  • Fits Any Toilet Bowl in Seconds: A metal arm that can be bent (over bend it a bit so it caches on the bowl firmly) to fit any toilet.
  • Light Sensitive: It turns off as soon as a bright enough light is turned on nearby. More, it will not light up in day time for saving the energy.
  • Motion-Activated: Automatically turn on once you get close to the range about 2-3 meters of your toilet. The sensor duration is about 120 seconds.
  • Color Change: It runs its rotation where each color will show for about 4 seconds then change to the next with smooth transition.
  • Color rotate or set with Blue, Red, Green, Sky blue, Purple, Yellow, Pink, or White.
  • 3 AAA batteries are needed.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Toilet Sensor Night Light (3 AAA batteries not included)