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Feather Dusters,Duster| Scratch-Resistant Dusting|Extendable Long Handle Duster

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Feather Dusters| Scratch-Resistant Dusting|Extendable Long Handle Duster

  • NEW UPGRADE: After receiving Suggestions from customers, Tockrop upgrades the Microfiber Extendable Duster these ways: More Fibers & Bigger Head, Less Loss of Fibers, Longer.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Extends up to 48", and Retracts to 18" for compact storage. Generous Microfiber head covers a large surface with every swipe. The perfect duster for household, auto, and commercial uses. The charged synthetic fibers also make this a great car duster! Lift dust without worrying about scratching your paint!
  • CLEAN WITHOUT CHEMICALS: The soft fibers conform to any surface and spread out to cover a maximum amount of surface. The fluffy, synthetic material is safe for any surface of the material and will lift up dust without any harm possible. You don't even have to touch the dust to pick it up. Just wipe gently across furniture and other things, and the static charge will pull in the dirt like a magnet.
  • WASHABLE: Rinse with water or wash with dish soap when dirty. Maintenance is simple, and because it washes clean when necessary, one duster will last for many years.


    • Product Name: Microfiber Dusters
    • Total Length: 64.2in
    • Color: Orange
    • Item Weight: 14.1oz/ 400g
    • Duster Head Length: 18in
    • Material: Iron+PVC+TPR+PP+Microfiber

    Super Long Handle

    The stainless steel handle is retractable and can easily be extended to a maximum length of 100", It can wipe small cracks that are difficult to reach, and is easy to rotate and wipe clean. Great for cleaning the dust of high places.

    Highlight design

    No-scratch, Lint-free microfiber dusters. For added protection, we installed a soft rubber tip at the top, which helps to prevent the top of the duster from scratching surfaces.

    Bendable Feather Duster

    Bendable head designed with functionality and flexibility in mind, which allows you to clean harder to reach areas, no dead-end in your home.

    Protective Silicone Cap

    Many dusters will leave some dirty and noticeable spot, this microfiber duster with a soft silicone cap at the top aims to protect your object surface from scratching, you need not worry about leaving any scratches or marks on surfaces when cleaning.

    Strong Electrostatic Adsorption

    Made of microfiber material, this duster has a strong electrostatic adsorption ability, can quickly and firmly capture fine dust and hair on the object surface, such as the chair, steering wheel inside the car, air conditioner, ceiling, fan, etc.

    Extendable Microfiber Duster

    Microfiber duster with extension pole can be extended 30-100 inch, it designs to clean any corners and high way. You can adjust its length as you need that you'll be able to clean the cobweb or duster at the tricky high places where you could not reach.

    Washable Microfiber Duster

    Washable microfiber duster, you can take off the head out of the extension pole and wash it in warm water, rinse, allow it to air dry. Microfiber duster is reusable and helps space-saving.

    Bendable Microfiber Duster

    Designed with the bendable & flexible in mind, microfiber duster can bend up to 90°, you can clean the corner and hidden areas around your house effortlessly.

    Hangable Microfiber Duster

    Microfiber duster is lightweight, the tail of the pole has a hole that can be hung on a wall or a door. Also, you can store them in a drawer, saving your space.

    Microfiber Extendable Duster



    • Microfiber head can rotate 270 degrees and lock at multiple angles, Convenient and easy to use.
    • Bendable duster head allows you to clean harder to reach the area, there will be no dead-end in your house.
    • This extendable duster with an extension pole is the best choice to clean blinds, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, framed pictures, and clear cobwebs.

      Scratch-Resistant Hat

      The Duster Installing Soft Cap avoid scratching ceilings or walls and do not need to worry about scratching windows and sofas.

      Handheld feather duster for cleaning details


      • The microfiber dusters can be used as an independent hand-held to clean details.
      • The fan duster is made of high-quality microfiber materials,hand washes with warm or low heat water, High-quality, Lint-free & no hair loss.

        What You Will Receive:
        - 1* Microfiber Extendable Duster