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ThighFit™ Exclusive Lower Body Belt

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Sweat More And Get Sculpted!

We love this 3-in-1 trimmer for two reasons: the slimming and the heat stimulation! This innovative solution is definitely brilliant as it is a premier fitness enhancer that strategically designed to lift the butt, trim the waist and thigh, melt fat, and reduce water weight in key target areas of core, waist, and thighs. 

ThighFit™ is designed to slim silhouette and maximize workouts by helping to improve thermogenic activity and sweat more. It provide gentle, but powerful compression to the lower body, from waistline to thighs. It's a great solution for eliminating those tricky bulges that appear in close-fitting attire.

Simply slip on ThighFit™ and look smoother and slimmer. Even without exercising, the ThighFit™ work instantly to increase body's natural heat and make lower body look slimmer, while also gently lifting buttocks. 

💟 Features:

🔥 Slims Down Waist and Thigh: Provides thermal compression for turning up the heat and making perspiration to slims and smooths thighs, hips and lower abs! It help burn fat in the thigh, lower abdomen and lift the hips when working, traveling, or even lying down at home.

🔥 Butt Lifting and Shaping : Support and lift butt to look bigger and rounder with the rear circular cut-outs. Creates volume in the rear using the own natural shape.

🔥 Fat Burner and Weight Loss Enhancer: It helps in burning excess fat in the lower tummy and both thighs while also lifting our butt and enhance the hips area when working out.

🔥 Multiple Usages: It can use for postnatal repair, body sculpting, weight reducing, waist support, outdoor activities and daily exercising and other usages. It’s very comfortable to wear at many occasions.

🔥 Comfortable Compression: Our compression support helps increase blood flow, easing muscle pain. The gentle compression prevent hamstring and quad injuries and aids in swift, healthy recovery from aggravating groin, hip, thigh. 

🔥 Adjustable 3 Velcro Strap Design: With adjustable straps, it is custom fit that maximizes comfort. It is flexible to adjust the amount of compression on each thigh to level of comfort, provide a effective thigh support and hold the muscle perfectly.

💟 Size Chart:

💟 Specification:

  • Color: Pink, Black, Yellow
  • Size: M, XL, 3XL 
  • Material: Spandex

💟 Package included:

1 X ThighFit™ Exclusive Lower Body Belt