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The Cat Light-Up Fountain

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Product Description

Did you know that 1 in 3 cats have symptoms of stage 1 kidney disease caused by dehydration? Many cats lack the instinct to drink from a bowl, having descended from desert dwelling wildcats that received water from eating live prey.

With today’s dry kibble diet, it’s vital to entice your cat to drink more to keep them hydrated. The Cat Light-Up Fountain encourages your kitty to drink by attracting their curiosity with the mesmerizing combination of flowing water and an LED light show!

Key Features

  •   Attracts Their Attention: Cats are instinctively attracted to moving water. The sound of a gurgling fountain lit by a blue LED light attracts their natural curiosity. 
  •   Keep your Kitty Healthy: Can help promote a healthier urinary tract by ensuring your kitty is properly hydrated.
  •   Great for Whisker Sensitive Cats: Many cats become stressed if their whiskers are constantly brushed (known as whisker fatigue), such as when eating or drinking from a bowl that's too deep.
  •   Non-Toxic and Safe: Constructed from ultra-durable BPA free plastic and/or stainless steel. 
  •   Triple Filtration system: The triple activated charcoal and ion exchange filter ensures the water remains fresh and odor free (get refill filters here).
  •   Works Worldwide: Global electrical compatibility for all countries and regions. Plug it in anywhere with access to a USB port!
  •   Auto-shutoff Feature: Turns off the pump when the water is too low, while the LED indicator light flashes red. 

Package Contents
1 2.4L Water Fountain
1 USB Power Cable
1 Charcoal Ion Exchange Filter
1 User Manual

Diameter 19cm (7.5in) 
Height 12cm (4.7in) 
Power Cable Length 1.6M (5.2ft)