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zipper gauge upper Line Positioning Zipper Foot

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Manage how you stitch zippers quickly

Sewing is an activity that requires prowess and precision. If you have a lot of work in your hands and you are failing to meet the standards, using the StitchMaster Line Positioning Zipper Foot will help you hasten your stitching process.


  •   HANDS-FREE TO USE - Operate the StitchMaster with the clip-on foot presser so you don’t have to work with zippers with your own hands manually

  •   QUICK AND EASY - Allows you to do more stitching with less time consumed because it is very convenient, efficient, and easy to use

  •   UNIVERSAL FIT - Made for a universal fit to be used on any standard-sized sewing machines

  •   FAST INSTALLATION - No other tools needed for installation. Simply snap it on in place until it locks

  •   ADJUSTABLE - Easy to adjust the height and width so you can work comfortably anytime. You can also adjust the screws to match your preference


  •   Length: 120mm
  •   Material: Stainless Steel


  •   1   x   StitchMaster Line Positioning Zipper Foot