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Survival Gear Kit, Emergency Supplies Kit

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Survival Gear Kit, Emergency Supplies Kit

  • Gift for Fathers Day Men Him Dad: This is a 16-in-1 professional emergency survival equipment kit. Included: waterproof box, tungsten fountain pen, flashlight, water bottle clip, multifunctional spork, wire saw, folding military survival knife, 5-in-1 survival rope bracelet, collapsible fire tube, fire starter, carabiner X2, whistle, multifunctional card, ruler, first aid blanket.
  • High-quality Survival Kit for Husband Teen Boyfriend: All tactical gear is made with high-quality, long-lasting materials that will stand up to the elements. Keep surviving with failure-free emergency supplies gear even after prolonged use, allowing you to enjoy the adventure time of camping, wild adventure, or mountain climbing.
  • Widely Prepared for Any Emergency: The emergency survival kit 16 in 1 professional survival gear tool kit includes emergency supplies that are suitable for outdoor survival or camping. It is ideal for those who like hiking, hunting, wilderness survival, fishing, outdoor adventure, hiking, and outdoor camping.
  • Portable and Lightweight: The geared survival tactical gear kit is lightweight and compact for carrying and storing conveniently. The professional tactical survival tool kit can be easily placed in a backpack, car, drawer, pocket, or bag. It can also be fixed to a harness, climbing equipment, or mountain bike. It is the perfect first aid kit for going out on an adventure, camping, or hunting trip.
  • Satisfaction Service: These survival kits are suitable for birthday gifts or Christmas presents for dads, boyfriends, or children. We are committed to selling high-quality wilderness survival kits

    professional Survival kit for men

    This is a very convenient and practical survival kit, which comes with 16 pieces of equipment for survival, camping, or hunting.

    It is a great birthday gift, or Christmas present for dad, boyfriend, son or family. Used by wilderness enthusiasts around the world!

    This is a very convenient and practical survival kit, which comes with 16 pieces of equipment for camping, hunting, wilderness survival, fishing, or outdoor adventure. It is a great birthday gift or Christmas present for dad, boyfriend, son or family. Used by wilderness enthusiasts around the world!


    Item: Emergency survival kit 16 in 1

    Size: 18x10x6cm

    Weight: 630g

    Application: Hiking, hunting, camping, riding, road trips, traveling, fishing, wilderness survival, adventures.

    The Survival Kit - Experts know that having access to the right tool at the right time can make a major difference in ensuring your

    safety and the safety of your loved ones.

    • Our 12-in-1 survival kit includes an emergency blanket, emergency window breaker, and flashlight, wire saw, 7-in-1 spork, pocket bellow, a fire started, tactical pen, water bottle clip, tactical knife, saber card. In addition to that, we have also added a high-strength multi-use paracord bracelet that has a whistle and fire-starter making it the perfect tool for emergency situations.
    • We've packed this survival kit into an ultra-durable, waterproof, and easy to carry case that is the size of a small book. We upgraded the box to make it bigger, so you can add more items to the survival kit as needed. box size: 6.49 x 4.13 x 1.9inch (18 x 11 x 5cm)
    • Our kit is Sturdy enough to throw in your backpack, your car, your office drawer, or store in virtually any small handy space that you can access quickly!

    1. 7-in-1 Spoon Fork: one side is a knife blade/saw/bottle opener; the other side is a spoon/fork. it has hols for the string to fasten to your backpack; the spork cap is also a whistle, the knife blade can be a spear when fastened on a stick.

    2. Upgrade Survival Knife: Cold Steel Folding Knife, black cold steel blade, and black aluminum handle. Anti-Rust, Durable.

    3. Pocket bellow: used to start a fire/Campfire when Camping under difficult wet conditions or easy dry conditions as well as at home for fireplaces, woodstoves, fire pits, chimneys, and Backyard BBQs. Best Fire starting solutions for survivalists, Casual Campers, and Backyard Fire-pit Owners.

    4. Larger Stronger Box to Hold More Survival Tool.


    1.Flint Stone & Scraper: Flintstone is made of magnesium and iron which is to flint a fire at least 5000 times. Sparks shower at 5,500º F(3,000º C) to ignite a fire in any weather (even wet), at any altitude.Perfect for backpacking, hiking, camping, hunting, bugout, emergency, survival, and more. It can also be used as a bottle opener and a scrapper.

    2.Flashlight: A compact heavy-duty flashlight is able to zoom in and out for an intense beam or for wider illumination with 3 different light modes (High/Low/Strobe). With its ultra-bright LED light, this excellent flashlight is able to run for many hours on just a single AA battery (NOT INCLUDED).

    3.Survival Knife: High-quality survival knife is a must for every outdoor adventure.

    4.Compass: Upgraded with 360 degrees rotating bezel made it easy for navigation & orienteering sport. Also, glow in the dark feature make sure you will be able to use it any time.

    5.Mini Light: small and practical LED light also can be used as a key ring.

    6.Water Bottle Clip: A simple and firm way to carry bottle bottles.

    7.11-in 1 Credit Card Size Multi-tool: easily inside your wallet and pocket yet it comes with 11 different functions: can opener, bottle cap opener, 2 or 4-position wrench, butterfly screw wrench, direction ancillary indicator, screwdriver, knife, saw blade, ruler, or key chain hole.

    8.Whistle: With an advanced two holes design, the amplified sound is louder than the conventional whistle, so the rescue team will be able to pinpoint your location much faster.

    9.Wire Saw: Great for cutting wood (no more than 3 inches), plastic, rubber, soft metal, and even bone.

    10.Tact-Pen: Made from tungsten steel for superior strength in an emergency event such as the need to break a window/glass, yet portable enough to be fit in your pocket when you need to write something.

    11.Emergency Blanket: Provides convenient protection in all weather conditions.

    12.Black Waterproof Box: All the tools can be packed inside the waterproof box.

    Suitable for camping

    When you are camping in the wilds, Flintstones can start a fire; Wire Saw can cut wood; Thermal Blanket can be used to retain 90% body heat; Tactical Knife Help you grab some fruits or cut meat. Band-aids and Alcohol Pads are used for the simple treatment of small wounds.

    Suitable for hiking

    For hiking with friends or families, Bottle Holder can clip the water bottle and hang it on the bag; Compass can help you find your way around and avoid getting lost; Whistles make high-decibel calls for help in response to an emergency.

    Suitable for fishing

    The Multi-function Hook Card can satisfy you to get more food in outdoor activities, 22-in-1 Hook Card include Fish Hook, Saw Blade, Arrow, Fishgig, needle, Trap buckle, and more. The used pieces can be stored for reuse even after disassembly.

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    for hiking, fishing

    Package includes: 
    1 × Waterproof box, 1 × Tungsten fountain pen, 1 × Flashlight, 1 × Water bottle buckle, 1 × Whistle, 1 × Multi-function spoon, 1 × Wire saw, 1 × Military survival knife, 1 × 5 in 1 survival rope bracelet, 1 × Collapsible fire bellow, 1 × Firestarter, 1 × Ruler 2 × D buckle, 1 × Multifunctional card, 1 × First aid blanket