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Goodbye Nasty, Stubborn Stains

There's nothing worse than spilling coffee on pants or smudging a skirt. But have no fear, StainZero™ saves the garments from imminent ruin! Capable of lifting stains from practically any source, this stain remover is an excellent choice to have around the house.

StainZero™ helps penetrate, dissolve, and break down those stubborn stains. It is powerful enough to tackle tough stains yet safe enough to use on both whites and colors. Unlike bleach, it does not contain chemical that is harmful to the human body or environment. Save the moment with Stain Zero, the instant stain remover that helps eliminate some of the toughest dried-in stains!

 Main Benefits:

  • Powerful to breaks stains down
  • Great on rust stain, grass and blood, grease and oil, food stains, coffee, wine, soil, and clay.
  • Safe to use on washable fabric
  • A non-toxic alternative
  • Eco-friendly and green technology 
  • Doesn't contain bleach



  • Net weight: 80ml