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Stainless Steel Self Mixing Coffee Mug

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The item is a simple and practical self-stirring cup bottle, which is made of durable material for safe use. In addition, it can mix coffee physical automatically if the water temperature is between 70℃~ 100℃, no need extra electricity. Therefore, it is really a wonderful self-stirring cup bottle to choose.

Automatic stirring
No need to charge this the automatic mixing cup, automatic stirring, no charging, no battery required.
Durable quality
The automatic mixing cup uses advanced technology and food-grade materials to provide you with safe and durable using experience.
Physical cooling and safety
3 minutes 85 ° C hot water rapidly cooled to about 55 ° C, physical insulation energy absorption and heat storage, low-temperature environment reverse compensation temperature.
Waterproof and washable
It is deep waterproof, you can wash the cup under running water.
Scopes of applications
This automatic self-stiring cup is suitable for families, friends and colleagues who like coffee, hot chocolate, protein powders or other drinks that need to be stirred. Suitable for family, office, travel.

Type: automatic self-stirring cup
Capacity: 300 ml
Colors: As shown
Quantity: 1 pc
Cladding material: stainless steel
Housing material: PP
Temperature range: 0 ~ 100 ° C
Size: 86.44 * 120.05 * 125.10mm/3.40*4.72*4.92”
Net weight: 435g/15.34oz

1* automatic self-stirring cup