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Energy Stones NFC Ring

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 Do you believe in the power of Healing Stones? We certainly do and if you do too, then you'll be excited to know that this Smart Ring has Germanium, Cotopaxi Volcanic Magnet, and FIR Energy Stones, built right into it!

 Germanium is a rare metal and it is claimed, not by us, to have the effect of improving the wearer's health in several ways.

 Cotopaxi Volcanic Magnet has a very soothing effect and can assist in improving calming and relieving certain symptoms.

 FIR Energy Stones are extracted from natural minerals that help to release negative ions, improving energy and strength.

 We won't go into all of the benefits of these stones, but feel free to look them up for yourself.

In addition to the above, this Ring just Rocks! It connects to your smartphone or any other NFC/RFID source, to help you control your world!

  • Android and Windows Phone/Tablet Support
  • Reminder Function
  • NFC/RFID Communication
  • Healing Stones for overall human improvement
  • Newest Technology 


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