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Adjustable Smart Back Posture Corrector-Vibration Reminder & Counting function

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Poor posture for long periods of time can lead to chronic pain. With our Adjustable Smart Back Posture Corrector, it can solve your fitness problems in one stop. Whether you are suffering from backache, shoulder pain, neck pain or clavicle pain, this device can help you to eliminate all types of back pain.

Compared with other traditional back braces, this electronic corrector works better to prevent or fix bad posture with 2020 Innovative Smart Sensor’s Vibration Reminders. You will be surprised after using it!


  • Vibration reminder of smart sensor: When your back bends more than 25°, it will vibrate by itself to send out an alarm, remind you to correct your posture in time, so as to be more confident and beautiful.
  • Counting function with display screen: the very large display screen vibrates and records the number of bad postures, and slowly reduces the number of vibrations to cultivate habits. (Count can be cleared to 0)
  • Adjustable shoulder strap length: Adjust the length that suits you. The high-elastic nylon strap is elastic and comfortable and fits your body shape. It can be turned on and off easily with one button, suitable for men and women of all ages.
  • Concealment is suitable for many occasions: the design is cautious enough to be worn under clothes at any time, suitable for running, fitness exercise, work and study, extreme challenges and health massage.
  • Posture-improving back correction belt: improve your discomfort and soreness during long hours of work and study, stretch your shoulders and back, promote blood circulation and reduce back pain, accumulate muscle memory and improve posture.
  • Charging 1 hour, it will last 15 days.

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