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MiniMist™ Sleep Aid Humidifier

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MiniMist™ Humidifier with White Noise For Better More Peaceful Sleep!

The National Sleep Foundation study from 2012 found that 5% of Americans sleep with a “sound conditioner,” which is a catchall term for a fan, phone app, or another noise-producing device.

Humidifier therapy adds moisture to the air to help prevent dryness that can cause irritation in many parts of the body. Humidifiers can be particularly effective for treating dryness of the skin, nose, lips and throats. Humidifiers are also proven to help ease symptoms caused by colds, flu and viruses. That is why it's very good to have one in your young child room.

Better And Uninterrupted Sleep

By adding moisture into the air, our humidifier helps to eliminate dry air that can cause irritation, inflammation and pain in your nose and throat

Sleep Peacefully with MiniMist

Easier Breathing and Allergies

Humidify and moisturize your environment and help alleviate allergies, sinus infections and keep nasal passages clear

Perfect For Kids and Babies

Since a humidifier adds moisture to dry air, it also helps relieve your baby of irritated, dry skin. A Baby's skin is sensitive to dry climates and can result in red patches, tender and chapped lips

Babys Love MiniMist

Portable and Quiet

Perfect for your night table in your bedroom and with less than 40 dB, you can peacefully sleep without interruptions

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