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Elastic Shoelaces, Shoe Lace, Rubber Lace

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Elastic Shoelaces, Shoe Lace, Rubber Lace

Silicone shoelaces are the world’s first no-tie shoelaces that can provide an easy-to-use, comfortable and stylish addition to any shoe. no tie shoelaces with the best quality. We choose premium silicone to build shoelaces with strong flexibility and durability. Unique grip design applied can bear greater tension so that shoelaces won’t be easily separated from eyelets.

Choose elastic no tie shoelaces, once and for all, never tie again, make your life more convenient!

  • UPGRADED VERSION - We lengthen our no tie shoelaces, so they can fit all sizes. And our tieless shoelaces are suitable for all kinds of shoes like running shoes, sneakers, casual shoes, board shoes, and so on!
  • STRETCHY AND COMFORTABLE - Made from stretchy material, the running elastic laces provide a flexible fit for your shoes, wrapping on your feet like skin. Shoes are easy to put on and off with them on.
  • HIGH TENSILE STRENGTH - Our HYFAM tieless shoelaces are made of high quality elastic and nontoxic silicone, so that they can bear amazing tension, and can adjust the tightness according to your footwear.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The elastic shoelaces are flat, waterproof, soft, comfortable, durable, and easy to clean. When they get dirty, simply wipe them off with a wet cloth and they will look brand new!
  • Turn Your Shoes into A Slip-on – No tie shoelaces made from premium and stretchable silicone, quite time-saving, conform to your foot to a flexible fit, provide suitable compression and support, reduce pressure points to let you feel better throughout the day.
  • Give You a comfortable Fit - With different lengths of shoelaces for kids, you can always find the most suitable length to fit your foot without feeling too loose or too tight.
  • Easy to Clean – Our silicone shoelaces are quite easy to clean. When they get dirty, simply wipe them off with a wet cloth and they will look brand new!
  • Fun & Colorful Shoelaces – Homar silicone no tie shoelaces, 13 colors selection, change out your regular silly shoelaces, add more fun, functional and fashionable addition to your footwear.
  • Set You Free from tying shoelaces over and over again – Wonderful gift for runners, triathletes, seniors, people with arthritics or spondylitis, parents and kids, whoever hates bending over to tie their shoes.

    Suffering from the shoelaces losing & re-tying loop?

    LazyLacey No-Tie Shoelaces turn shoes into slip-on so you never have to tie your sneakers again. The elastic silicone ensures a consistent snug fit throughout your day and during your workouts! The laces can be used on almost any type of shoes

    Designed to make your sneakers insanely comfortable slip-on that always stays in place. It provides an easy-to-use, comfortable and stylish addition to any shoe.

    They are easy to clean with a simple wipe. It makes life easier for kids, adults, the disabled, the elderly, and ones with special needs.

    Stretch-Fit Comfort.

    • Self-adjusting silicone shoelaces.
    • Delivering snug and stretch support.
    • All-round footwear upgrader.
    • Fit both wide and narrow feet.
    • 2 options. Kid size and adult size.
    • No compression on foot.

    Anchored Safe

    • Easy to install.
    • T shape ends secure locking on foot.
    • Anchored and ensure a stretch on the shoe upper as a whole.
    • For shoes with grommets/eyelets only.
    • Not for shoes with fabric loopholes.

    Strong Elasticity


    • strong elasticity and durability
    • keep intact after 10000 times of stretch test
    • no need to worry about the sudden breakage
    • removing shoelaces by directly pulling out with a little force

    Unique Grip Design


    • special grip design on both ends of each shoelace
    • not come out easily
    • soft and no pressure points at the top of feet
    • give enough support and stretch

    Premium Material Selected


    • made of high-quality silicone
    • 100% waterproof, strong elasticity, durable and wear-resistant
    • easy to clean with a damp cloth
    • fashionable looking and always like new

      Four-Step Installation for No Tie Shoe Laces

    Match Length

    Match the width of shoe eyelets, picking one lace that is as long as the length between two eyelets firstly. No need to follow graduated lengths one by one.


    Put the lace-tip into the eyelet, and then pull it from the other side with your fingers. For tiny eyelets, tools with no sharp edges are recommended, such as pliers, tweezers, etc.


    Repeat in the same way for the other side of eyelets. There are enough pieces of no tie shoelaces for selection and alternate. Freestyle installation is available.


    Finish the installation of these shoestrings with a pretty look, put on shoes, and feel the comfort and snug support and stretch while walking, jogging, running.

    Easy installation and multi tying styles

    1. Choose the right size for your size of feet.
    2. Put the lace-tip into the eyelet and pull it from the other side
    3. Repeat the same way for the other eyelet holes
    4. Make lace even.

      Do traditional shoelaces always stop you from rushing out the door?

      Are you tired of bending down every day to tie your shoelaces yet still getting loose?

      Are you still worried about your children can not tie their shoes independently?

      Do you want to protect your family members from tripping over by the stupid loose shoelaces?

      Perfect Rubber Shoe Laces for All Group of People.

      No Tie Shoelaces for Kids and Parents

      With these no tie laces, parents don’t have to worry about over-active kids, and kids would also be happy without tying shoelaces anymore. Happy elastic shoelaces, happy family.

      No Tie Shoelaces for Athletes.

      These elastic shoelaces can meet the stretch and support demands of many athletes such as runners and triathletes. No need to stop training to tie the loose shoelaces. You can enjoy exercising all the time.

      No Tie Shoelaces for Adults.

      Compared with traditional shoelaces, no-tie laces are more popular among the youths and adults as they can save more time and effort tying their shoelaces over and over again. With our no tie shoelaces, just rush out without delay

      No Tie Shoelaces for Seniors.

      Our no tie shoelaces can be a sweet gift for the senior's people with arthritis or spondylitis or a special group of people who need care because they can get rid of the pain of bending over and over again to tie their laces.

      Good-bye troubles

      1:Kids can't tie shoelaces themselves.

      2:Shoelaces loose when sporting.

      3:Step on shoelaces then slip down.

      4:Tie shoelaces on important occasions.

      5:Too long shoelaces caused many knots.

      6:Loose shoelaces caused the accident.

      7:Shoelaces is easily dirt and broken.

      Package includes:
       1 Set x No-Tie Shoelaces