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Silicone Gel Heel and Ankle Sleeve

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We got the solution on your heel pain, or commonly known as PLANTA FASCIITIS!

Silicone Gel Heel helps you to cover, protect, support and soothe the pain you experience on your feet. It has a silicone gel heel cushion that prevents uncomfortable friction and lessens the impact pressure. An instant pain relief and protection.

Silicone gel heel is a comfy, breathable and light-weight in using. Has special ventilation holes that create air circulation when you walk and give your heels soft experience. These clever heel protectors provide a layer of soft, cushioning gel, which shield your heels from irritation 

Recommended for those people who suffer Plantar Fasciitis, fallen arches, and heel spurs. The best thing is that you can wear it with or without shoes and socks.

Reusable: Hand wash with warm water and soap, then air dry.

Perfect for:

  • All Day Wear, Nurses, Hospitality Workers
  • Runners, Athletes, Active People
  • Perfect Gift for Friend or Family Member in Need


  • Help prevent dry skin
  • Protect the skin against peeling and cracking


  • Size: Approx.3.94 x4.13 inch / 10 x 10.5 cm
  • Thickness: Approx.3mm
  • Material: Medical Grade Silicone
  • Washable, Soft medical silicone, non-toxic

Product Includes:  1 pair x Sleeve Heel Shock