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Shower Holder Silicone Suction Cup Shower Head Holder

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Shower Holder Silicone

*   SET AT ANY HEIGHT to put the showerhead right where you need it. 

Are you still facing this kind of trouble?

There is no place to put the shower, you can only hold the shower with one hand, wash things with another hand, and splash water on clothes and pants easily . . .

Install it to make cleaning easier!

*   CONVENIENT, EASY TO USE  It has a comfortable grip that lets you use for washing hair, bathing babies and children, easy for seniors, and just right for camping and even washing your car. You will find you use this constantly.

Bathing the dog with both hands is more convenient

Many people buy several of these to outfit all their bathrooms /camping equipment / back yard.

The silicone material is flexible and suitable for most shower sizes.

  •   Suitable for tiles / glass / marble / smooth metal / smooth wood and so on.

*   DURABLE CONSTRUCTION with extra tough silicone that is easy to clean. Much better than flimsy store versions. This will last for years of daily use. Universal fit works great with most heads. This holder cannot be used with curved shower heads.

*   EASY TO MOUNT simply uses the suction cups to stick to virtually any flat surface. No screws, drilling, plumbing, or gluing needed. Takes just seconds to mount and start enjoying. Perfect for keeping your bathroom pristine and for rental homes where you can't make alterations.

Package:   1  *  Silicone Holder