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Self Centering Hinge Drill Bits

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Want to drill holes precisely and perfectly? Get this incredible Self Centering Hinge Drill Bits. These come in a set of high-speed steel drill bits and brass electroplating that can accurately lock those screws in the perfect place!


  • Accurate centered holes: It has a drill bush that will give you precise positioning when you drill holes, allowing your drill to stay in one fixed direction
  • Quick to install with smart design – It is created as a unique tool. It has adjustable drill depth and can easily remove screws for replacement
  • Change bits fast – The nosepiece bevel centers itself and the hex shank fits all power bit and quick-change chucks with one-handed load and release
  • No more blocked drills –The sawdust will automatically be discharged from the top holes on both sides

Start drilling those holes and hinges without a mistake! Get accurately centered holes for hinges, drawer slides, handles, and more with this powerful drill bits tool.

Package included: 4 pcs/Set


  • 5/64”: Hole diameter is about 2 mm. Use about 2.2 - 2.8mm tapping screw
  • 7/64”: Hole diameter is about 2.8 mm. Use about 3-3.5mm tapping screw
  • 9/64”: Hole diameter is about 3.5 mm. Use about 4-4.5mm tapping screw
  • 11/64”: Hole diameter is about 4.5 mm. Use about 5-5.5mm tapping screw