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Clean Hard To Reach Area Easily

Our entire body are covered in skin cells, but they’re not all alive. These lifeless cells can cause heaps of problems, too: They can clog pores and create calluses. That’s why it’s important to scrub them away.

With ScrubExpert™, clean and scrub those hard to reach area to exfoliate the skin and leaves skin radiant and smooth!


  • Double-sided back scrubber - Massages and exfoliates the body and effective deep skin cleaning. The soft tips can remove dead skin while offering great protection to sensitive skin.

  • Skincare and good cleaning effect - Cleans pores, removes dirt, excess sebum and dead skin, making skin smoother. Keeping back exfoliated will help prevent pores from getting clogged and fight against dry skin, rashes and back acne problem.

  • Enhance Body Metabolism - Provide regular body scrubbing to improve blood circulation. It allows better metabolism to reduce body waste or toxins.

  • Easy to clean hard to reach area - It offers multiple use when taking shower such as foot massage or back massage. ScrubExpert™ make people get all those hard to reach areas easily, hassle-free!

  • Easy to store - Easy hanging, storage with the hooks at the both of ends of ScrubExpert™ and easy to hold the palm.


  • Material: food-grade silicone, healthy and environmentally friendly, free of BPA and no harmful substances. High temperature resistance, non-perishable, safe and durable.
  • Handle, good toughness, strong tensile strength, can be suspended, saving space.
  • Color: blue, green, purple, pink, yellow
  • Size: 60 x11cm
  • Weight: 218g

Package includes:

1 X ScrubExpert™