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Rocket Portable Travel Dog Water Bottle

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Inspired by the shape of the rocket, designs a portable and easy-to-use ROCKET cup to facilitate pets anytime, anywhere.
Through the study of the drinking water of different types of pets, it is found the reasonable capacity of the pet accompanying cup, satisfying the drinking water of the dog once, and reducing the burden on the owner.
The newly designed water outlet precisely controls the amount of water and avoids splashing around.
The inside of the cup head uses a special flow channel. When the water is out, the water will not fill the entire cup head area, effectively avoiding the bacteria inside the cup head.
The cup lock button prevents accidental water leakage. [HEALTHY & SAFE MATERIAL] It adopts healthy material ABS and is produced in strict accordance with the standard of human drinking water. The material is resistant to falling and scratching and can be used outdoors.