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Wooden Puzzle Toys, Wooden Puzzle, Self-Assembly Mechanical Model

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Wooden Puzzle Toys, Wooden Puzzle, Self-Assembly Mechanical Model

  • MECHANICAL MARVEL: Your adventure begins when you open the box with your new model kit from UGears. This is when you will experience the pleasant smell of natural wood that will stay with you all the way through the process of assembly, testing, and play. Building the model is fascinating and exciting: with your own hands you will put plywood details together to create a 3-dimensional moving mechanical marvel
  • TAKE IT FOR A TEST DRIVE: However, assembly is just a part of the fun: when the Roadster is finished you will definitely want to see what it is capable of and take it for a test-drive. Even when you get to the curb and are ready to put your model away, we would recommend parking it in a well-visible place in your house or office. Classic shapes and iconic Ugears� design makes your Roadster a wonderful complement to any interior
  • REALISTIC DESIGN: The unique charisma of the model comes from both its outstanding technical characteristics and detailed realistic retro-design. The clever combination of the plywood elements of different thicknesses � 0.08 and 0.16 inches �ensures that the motorcar�s body looks streamlined and clear. Open the hood to see the powerful V8 engine and watch the moving valves
  • MOVING MECHANISM: Your sports car has a transmission that switches it in three modes: forward, back, and idle. The driving direction can be adjusted with the steering wheel. The suspension of the front wheels makes the Roadster look even more realistic. With a powerful rubber band motor, the car covers up to 13 feet in one winding
  • CONSTRUCTION: The Roadster model kit is made of sustainably sourced high-grade wood and has everything you need for assembly. The quality of the parts is top-notch: a laser method is used for cutting items from a plywood board that provides precise hairline cuts


  • Follow the steps in the detailed English instruction manual.
  • And you will build the wooden art craft set quickly.


  • Pop-out the puzzle piece.
  • A pre-cut wooden board will be easy to pop the individual pieces out of the sheets.


  • Enjoy building your own scale model vehicle set!



  • Scale Model Vehicle is inspired by the evolution of road vehicles back in the 19 century.
  • Characteristic vehicles of the era are replicated into the mini scale models with detailed structures.
  • Air Inlet Grille
  • Vertical Pipe & Fuel Tank
  • Openable Door & Sleeper Cab
  • Kingpin for Trailer

Steam Train 

Don't just be a trainspotter, become a train owner! This form of transport has been with us for hundreds of years, but as any fan will tell you, the appeal of trains is far greater than mere transport. The clickety-clack track. The countless journeys of thousands of people. The wind rushes past you as the express service screams through your station and waves you goodbye.



  • Scale Model Vehicle is inspired by the evolution of road vehicles back in the 19 century.
  • Characteristic vehicles of the era are replicated into the mini scale models with detailed structures.
  • Headlight
  • Chimney & Steam Whistle
  • Crankshaft & Connecting Rod
  • Detachable Carriage for Storage

Military Jeep

Build your own working open-top military Willys jeep -Enjoy the process of watching your very own military Willys jeep. High level of realism - From the internal combustion engine to its Cardan shaft and semi-axle shafts, this model is designed with inspiration from an actual military Willys jeep.

Heavy Duty Truck 

The truck is inspired by road transport trucks dating back to the 19th century. The characteristics of the vehicle at that time were perfectly copied into the miniature model with a detailed structure.

Grand Prix Car 

Let our models lead you to the epic history of vehicle advancement. Self-assemble, scale model, a replica of classic vehicles, detailed structures.What a fascinating thing to see the mechanical miracle coming to life by your own hands.

Authentic Grand Prix Racer

These late model car kits let you create a vintage racing machine based on the iconic Grand Prix design of the automobile's Golden Age!

Beautifully Engineered Designs

Each hand-crank powered wood car model features working pistons, shock-absorbing springs, and even rear car "boot"

Beginner DIY Building

Complete with 384 intricately-designed pieces, each scale car model can be put together by adults or kids with the ability to follow directions

Multiple-Engine Modes

An exciting feature behind each Ugears car racing model is that the transmission can easily switch between idle, reverse, and racing modes

Natural Wood Finish

Ugears DIY models are made with laser-cut plywood making them durable, and easy to assemble without glue or additional tools

Different from the traditional jigsaw puzzle, there are many reasons why the Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle is a great idea - here are a few of them:

  • Self-assembly
  • No glue required
  • Hand-cranking
  • Support mix-and-match
  • Rewarding challenge
  • Ideal gift and home decor

● Stow the small parts carefully after removing them from the board in case of missing
● Remove and assemble the parts with care
● Polish the blurs of the parts with sandpaper if needed
● Keep the manual well for future reference 

● Keep the product away from the source of ignition and don't put it in a humid place in case of the damage
● Use clean and soft fabric rather than chemical reagents like an alcoholic, ammonia water, or window cleanser to clean the product