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Cats Winter Bed Warm Sleeping Bag Small Pet Bed Pet Product

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Cats Winter Bed, Warm Sleeping Bag.

Description :

  • COMFORTABL: External flannel fabric, inner lamb wool, polyester fiber-filled, help cats get a nice sleep in the cold night. A soft filling will give them a cozy experience. Non-toxic materials will not harm their skin.
  • SLEEPING BAG: Sleeping bag design not only protects the cat keep out of cold, but also give the cat a sense of security. It's lightweight and easy to move, especially for the lazy cats who like to doze at any time and anywhere.
  • GOOD FOR FURNITURE: Protects cats and furniture. The special bottom with dot silica gel can prevent slippage and reduce the damage to the floor caused by movement.
  • NECESSARY SUPPLIES: In different seasons, we change our bedding for ourselves. Actually, pets also don't like to be too cold or too hot. We need to prepare them with a nice and suitable bed during chilly months.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE,: can be used as a mat, a bed, or the temporary cat's nest. Suitable for most cats, puppies, and small pets.


  • Made of high-quality and safe material, durable and reliable for long -term use. Semi-enclosed design, breathable and comfortable, removable cleaning. Super a unique cutely cave design, unique shape, meets the cat's natural instincts that they like to drill cave. It's a great place for nursing cats to snooze peacefully and provide their kittens with a feeling of warmth and security.
  • 1 x Warm Cat Sleeping Bag

    Features :

    ensures a cozy sleeping for your pet in the cold season.

    🐱🐱Provide a quiet hiding place for your pet
    super thick and soft buffer to make your pet super comfortable. Give your pet a little privacy and create a good sense of security. 

    🐱🐱Support better sleep
    due to its softness and comfort, our high-quality pet mattress is the ideal pet bed. Super soft filling provides joint and muscle pain relief.

    Package Includes :

    1 x Warm Cat Sleeping Bag