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Quick Power Screw

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Less Effort Yet More Power!

The Quick Power Screw will allow you to screw and unscrew a bolt in seconds with ease. It is a great invention that probably every man must have nowadays! Design to have 2 buttons that are for forward and reverse. Run by 4 AA batteries and comes with 7 pieces of different bits giving you portability and more options on unscrewing and screwing a bolt. You can also choose to switch it to manual if you want for more traction and control.

It is a miniature handheld electric screwdriver that is cordless, easy to grip, high speed and with great stability. Working in dark places becomes quick with the built-in mini lamp embedded in its head. If you want a straight type screwdriver, you can have it by just removing its handle.

DIY, assembling, installing, hanging, and mounting any object can be done effortless and fun when you have this Quick Power Screw!


Type: Screwdriver Set
Frequency: 200rpm
Power Source: Battery
No-Load Speed: 1200rpm
DIY Supplies: Woodworking
Rated Voltage: 5V
No-load speed: 200rpm