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Premium Snow Windshield Cover

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Particular weather conditions can drastically increase the rate of accidents, particularly frosty weather. The same applies to Airplanes. Drivers are often advised to avoid driving in frosty weather or at least, drive with extra caution to avoid accidents. This is what necessitated the creation of the Premium Snow Windshield Cover.

During winter, we often wake up to see our car covered in snow. Even the windshield is not left out. Poor car visibility is tantamount to accidents. This is why this innovative product of modern technology keeps your windshield free from frost, ice, and snow. The Premium Snow Windshield Cover ensures you don’t have to shove, shove and scrape loads of snow from your windscreen before you get on the road. Simply get in your car, start it and get on the road with a clear vision and ice/frost/snow-free windscreen.

TO USE: It is very easy to use and install. To use, simply spread it on your car’s windshield. When you’re ready to use your car again, simply pull it off your windshield and fold it under the seat or into the trunk. It has suction cups that would hold it in place so that the breeze doesn’t blow it off. You can also fold and tuck in the flaps into your vehicle before you close your car door.

The Premium Snow Windshield Cover comes with an ingenious double-sided design in which the Silver Side of the cover faces out during the summer to protect your vehicle from damaging UV-Rays and it helps to keep your car cooler. The Black Side faces out during winter time to protect your windshield from snow, ice, and frost!

The Premium Snow Windshield Cover has several innumerable advantages which makes it the car accessory that should occupy the first position on your priority list. These are:


  • It saves a great deal of time you would otherwise have spent clearing off the ice from your windscreen.
  • It comes with a multi-functional, multi-purpose design that protects your windshield in the extreme of weather. It offers protection against scorching sun and against freezing snow
  • It does not require the services of a Mechanic nor does it require tools at all. 
  • It comes with its own storage bag which is portable and does not take up valuable car space.
  • It offers you the option of protecting your back windshield also when you buy two.
  • It is perfectly compatible with most vehicles’ windshield

Available In Variants Of: 190cm x 1 and 195cm x 7.


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