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Mini Sealing Machine,food preservation|Quick Sealing

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Mini Sealing Machine, food preservation|Quick Sealing

Description :
  • This mini food sealing machine adopts a new hot-melt sealing technology, no need to preheat before use, plastic bags, or aluminum bags can be sealed at any time, very convenient.
  • The product has a two-in-one function, which can seal and cut the bag, easily store fruits, snacks, potato chips, dried fruits, vegetables, etc., can effectively seal the food and store it in the refrigerator to avoid mixing with other food odors, Can be carried with you so that the food you can't finish eating during camping can be stored immediately.
  • The product is made of ABS, which is harmless to the human body. The product weighs only 50g and is very light. The lid can be covered when the heating wire is not in use to prevent burns.
  • When using this product, you need to install two batteries, place the bag in the middle of the sealing machine, and it can be sealed in 2-3 seconds. After use, you only need to cover the heating wire lid without removing the battery.


    1.Dried fruit tea leaves after opening generally only eat a small portion at a time, snacks can not be eaten in one time, these products are susceptible to moisture,soften after moisture, affecting taste, throw away will cause food waste, especially the snacks, cookies and other puffed food.

    2.Because of different shapes freshly packed fruit can not be an easy tie, so you need a sealer, just need a bit of space also keep fruits fresh and mildew proof.

    3.Can't eat in time for staying outdoor, traffic jams and over time, want to eat some snacks, it’s not convenient to take out on the hand, afraid to provoke a mouse insect for putting in car or office.

    4.Sealer has a good sealing effect, after heat sealing, it is equivalent to not opening the package at all, sealing clip can't completely isolated air.

    5.After the washed fruits are bundled still no way to stop the water from flowing out, take out, and have a picnic is easy to wet the bag.

    6.Stapler shape, small and portable, reusable, easy convenient to use.

    7.Separately sealed foods with a heavy smell, keep the refrigerator fresh.

    8.Now is the time for back to school, student will buy more snacks in the dormitory, take care of their cookies.

    9.DIY tool, we can use it to sealing pocket snacks, packing handmade baking biscuit, Sub-packaged beans for storage.

    Features :


  •  100% brand new and high quality


  •   Easy, convenient to use, and storage, great ideal for home use.


  •  Perfect reseal unused portions of food, keep the food fresh.


  •  It simply slides it along the edge of any bag and it's sealed airtight.


  •  Protection against the moist.


  •  Solid and durable


  •   Material: ABS+ stainless steel


  •   Product size:3.5*1.5*2.3inch (9*4*6CM)


  •   Color: white/pink


  •   Power: 2*AA battery(Not included)


  •  Scope of application:


  •  Fresh plastic bag


  •  Ordinary plastic bag snack bag


  •  Laminated bag

    Fully open the upper cover and insert batteries(not include), pay attention to the positive and negative electrode for installation

    Step 2

    Slide the protective cover backward to expose the heat sink

    Step 3

    Place the bag between the top cover and the heating plate, and align the bag sealing line

    Step 4

    Press the upper cover and slowly draw until the sealing is completed.

    Quick to Seal

    Align with the seal line indication line, and press and pull, the seal is tight

    Package Included:

    1 * Food Bag Sealing Machine( battery not included)


    1.Can not use on the pure paper bag

    2.Cover the protective case after use, prevent scald you.

    3.It is necessary to start sealing after the press for a few seconds.

    4.The speed of sealing can not be too fast, otherwise, it will affect the sealing effect.

    5.Use 2*AA batteries. (battery not included )

    6.the bag thickness larger than 0.1cm is hard to seal, you can slowly sealing or repeat it several times.

    7.Thinner cling film needs to be folded several layers and the sealing effect will be better, or we should seal quickly. If because the package is too thin and we fusing a crack still ok, the opening also is sealed.

    8.The plastic smell emanating from the heat seal is normal, not the quality problem of the sealing machine.

    9.Clean the dust, water, powder, oil, and so on at the opening when sealing.

    10.Cannot be used continuously for more than 1 minute, To avoid overheating the battery