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Plaque Remover for Teeth,Calculus Remover|Tooth Cleaner

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Plaque Remover for Teeth, Calculus Remover|Tooth Cleaner

You shouldn’t have to enjoy good oral hygiene only while you’re at the dentist’s office. This powerful plaque and tartar remover are one of the most efficient, ergonomic, and useful dental tools you can have in your bathroom.

Electric tooth cleaners scrub and scrape off stubborn stains, plaque, tartar, and dental calculus off all corners of your teeth. This dental cleaning kit is designed with a special cleaning head that reaches between and behind teeth to get rid of any nasty microbes that your toothbrush and floss might have missed. You can even use this dental calculus remover to get rid of plaque from along the gum line before you visit the dentist. Cavities, swollen gums, and other dental problems won’t be a problem when you’ve got this tooth cleaning kit on hand.

Description :

  • Zero Pain And Damage: This convenient dental tool effectively scrapes off plaque, tartar, dental calculus, and tooth stains without damaging the gum line and tooth enamel. Beginners and people with sensitive teeth won’t have to feel serious pain and damage while they polish off stubborn stains and take care of their oral hygiene with this electric tooth cleaner. Say goodbye to bleeding gums and chipped teeth with this convenient and painless teeth cleaning kit!
  • Easy To Learn And Use: All it takes is a little practice to master using this powerful plaque and tartar remover. You can even use this tooth stain remover at its highest setting without struggling at all! Simply place the electric dental scaler against the surface of your teeth and slowly move it up and down until almost all stains and dirt have been scraped off. We suggest cleaning with the dental calculus remover a little at a time to master cleaning teeth without irritating the gums.
  • A Powerful Plaque Remover: Anyone who needs to get rid of plaque in between dental cleanings will love this electric dental scaler! This dental cleaning kit uses high-frequency vibrations to remove plaque build-up, polish off sticky stains, and make teeth cleaner and stronger in seconds. You’re sure to move one step closer to eliminating nasty plaque with every use of this plaque remover and tooth polisher.
  • Scrubs Stubborn Stains: Age, food, coffee, and tobacco stains can’t always be cleaned with just a toothbrush. This easy and efficient tooth cleaner scrapes all kinds of stains off the surface of teeth and along the gum line to help you achieve a cleaner, brighter, and better-looking teeth in between dental visits. You won’t ever have to deal with badly discolored teeth and super sticky coffee stains as long as you’ve got this handy tooth stain remover with you.
  • Solid And Stylish: This dental calculus remover is built with durable and waterproof steel and plastic material. Expensive repairs and constant replacements won’t be a problem for you ever again! You don’t have to feel like you’re using an ugly sterile cleaning tool, either. This stylish dental tool comes in a turquoise blue color that’s sure to be a feast for the eyes. Wow, your friends, classmates, and co-workers with this fashionable and portable plaque and tartar remover!

  •    Material: ABS Plastic + Medical Grade Alloy Steel
  •    Color: Blue
  •    Number Of Cleaning Modes: 3
  •    Charging Method: USB

Bad dental hygiene can be devastating on teeth and gums. Not only can it be expensive, but it can also lead to bad breath, gum disease, receding gums, dental decay, and even tooth loss. 

Plaque and tartar? For less than a single dental visit, our Oraly Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner. the home solution makes clean and white teeth achievable whilst keeping teeth safe! Perfect for people with veneers and braces. 

Approved by many dental practitioners, using ultrasonic vibrations, it helps remove and keep away dental bacteria, plaque, calculus, stains, and removes hard tartar from the teeth preventing dental complications. Don't act too late, our teeth deserve love!

Small and Portable, Intelligent core control circuit, Stylish Appearance, Replaceable Heads, Accurate Curvature, LED Light, High-frequency vibration, 3 Speed Mode.

How To Use
1. Press down on the power button for a few seconds to turn on your electric dental scaler. Choose between cleaning modes by pressing the up and down buttons.
2. Place the tip of the plaque and tartar remover on the surface of your teeth. Gently move the dental calculus remover up and down until the tooth has been cleaned. Repeat for all teeth.
3. Press the power button again to turn off the tooth cleaner.

Easily Remove Plaque and Tartar at Home

we are committed to delivering professional-quality dental instruments at a remarkable value. We ensure that our products are made of safe materials, well-constructed, and comfortable to use every single day. Whether you are looking to restore your teeth or simply to take preventative measures against potential cavities and health issues, our dental tools will remain competitive in both quality and value, with the best family color options on the market.

Why Do You Need Dental Calculus Remover?

Up to 25,000 vibrations per minute for perfect teeth cleaning. Effectively remove the stubborn dirt & tooth stains between the teeth. Effectively remove the dental calculus, plaque, tartar, and scrape the stain on the tooth surface.

5 adjustable modes, suitable for different gum needs, keep the oral cavity healthy, and bring fresh breath every day. Save your money and time expenses by comparing it with teeth washing in dental clinics.

Small in shape and easy to carry, beautiful and generous. USB charging, convenient to recharge anytime


1. The first use it will be recharged for more than 2 hours until completely discharged, reference to charging description.

2.Press the boot button to turn on, adjust the key position through the upper and lower adjustment buttons, and start cleaning the parts that need cleaning.

3.After cleaning the teeth, wash the metal head with flowing cleaning water and then clean the department to wipe the body of the tooth cleaner.

Features :

304 Stainless Steel Cleaning Head

Comes with 304 Stainless Steel cleaning head, safer and cleaner, anti-rust. Plus, it's stronger than the dental pick, teeth scaper and etc, will not easy to break out like them.

Meet Different Sensitive Teeth and Gums

5 Power selecting options, you can select the suitable power freely according to your use. And we're highly recommended to select the lowerest power at the first use.

USB Fast Charging

Fully charged just in 4 hours by USB cable, use it twice a day, and its power lasts for more than 15 days. The dental calculus remover is perfect to use at home, travel even on a business trip.

         What’s In The Box? 1 Electric Dental Scaler1 USB Charging Cable1 User Manual

Important Notes:

-Metalhead of the tooth cleaner, not replaceable.

-Do not place products in direct sunlight. Put at -10℃ to 40℃ indoor environment.

-Do not wash or soak the product for a long time.

-Products are restricted to adults only. Please keep them properly, avoid children’s contact.

-The product contains batteries. Do not place products in a fire or high-temperature container to avoid fire or explosion.

-In case of product quality problems, please do not disassemble yourself. Please return to the original plant for repair.