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Automatic Plant Watering Stake(10 pieces)

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  • 15 Minutes Setup: Just take the cap off and fill with water, let it soak in a bowl for 15 minutes, replace the cap and fill your wine bottle full of water. Take your stake and the wine bottle to your favorite plant, insert the stake, and put the tube in the wine bottle.It's that easy!
  • No Over or Underwatering: It delivers water gradually into the soil of your plant through the cone and draws water from your wine bottle. As the soil gets wet the stake automatically starts delivering less water. For a plant requiring more water place the wine bottle on a higher surface and vice versa.
  • Makes the perfect gift: Give anyone one and watch them sprout a green thumb. They're easy to install, easy to manage and take the guesswork out of watering.
  • Tube length: 31.5inches/ 80cm