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Pregnancy Support Band Belly Bands Maternity Belt

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Maternity Size:
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Are you in need of relief from back pain due to pregnancy?

Looking for a “stay-put yet comfortable design? This Maternity Mommas Pregnancy Support Band is mainly designed to help support the heavy belly during pregnancy. The expectant mothers always walk each step with great difficultly due to their weighty belly, and it's dangerous for them to walk alone without a pregnancy belt.

A good maternity belt is perfect for them. The maternity support band can not only alleviate your discomfort caused by any movement, but also helps each pregnant mother keep the correct posture and warm the baby as a great backup force.

Pregnancy Maternity Belly Support Band Belt Best Wrap Pregnant Expecting Mother Mom Child Kids Kid

A pregnancy support belt that supports the excess pregnancy weight to prevent straining your back by lessening spinal pressure effectively. 

The baby belly band is a shaper girdle, soft and breathable material, 360 degree firm control on belly. 

The maternity belly band is easy to put on and is fully adjustable to accommodate your abdominal growth throughout pregnancy. You can tighten the pregnancy belly  support band as much as you want because of the hook loop closure helps you wearing this belly support band easily. 


  •   Great pregnancy support band for antepartum. Hygroscopic, breathable and lightweight, you can wear it for as long as you want. 
  •   Soft and breathable, it is comfortable for an expecting mother to wear.
  •   Included in the belly wrap pregnancy is four elastic side panels adding compression and ventilation. Included abdominal lift attachment which gives lift without unnecessary pressure.

Pregnancy Maternity Belly Support Band Belt Best Wrap Pregnant Expecting Mother Mom Child Kids Kid

How To Use:

  1.   Put the maternity belly support on the abdomen, then adjust to your comfort and join with adhesive fixed
  2.   Please make sure the outer layer of the maternity belly supports on the back side, that it feels comfortable after adjusting to the back, then stick on the inner side of the pregnancy belt
  3.   Use the long strap of the maternity band around the top of the abdominal wall of the maternity support band, affixed to the outer ends of the pregnancy support belt
  4.   Adjust the outer parts of the maternity belt, so that the waist and abdomen can be in most comfortable position


  •    Material: Neoprene, Nylon and Polyester
  •    Size: please see chart above
  •   Color: Pink, Nude, Black, White

Package Includes:

  •   1 x Pregnancy Maternity Belly Support Band