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Oyster with Colourful Pearl Beads

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Our freshwater cultured pearl oyster is directly cultured from our own cultured pearl farms which is more than 10 years business in China.
Each oyster has a cultured pearl inside which represents the finest in selection, hand picked for its luster, quality, color, and cleanliness.
Every cultured pearl oyster is packed in individual vacuum bag, it can keep 2 years if you don't open it, just store in the normal temperature in cool space.

  • Material: Pearl
  • Sizes range from 6mm to 7mm round pearls with high chance of getting above 6mm
  • Enjoy your find by opening to find the treasure inside.
  • Package included:5pcs/10pcs x Individually Wrapped Oysters
  • Possible colors: Black, Coffee, Green, Red, Pink, SkyBlue