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One Step Make Up Remover Sponge

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A reusable makeup remover sponge effectively wipe makeup off and gently cleanse your skin by using a specially designed microfiber and only water.  It is non-toxic, sustainable and suitable for all skin types. Each pad is reusable for around 200 wash cycles.


  • Remove makeup Easily & Quickly - Just add warm water and this sponge will remove all of your makeup in a minute! Removing makeup is no longer a tedious process. No chemicals, No harsh fibers. It's hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin! 
  • SAVE Money + ECO-Friendly - Replace cotton rounds, makeup wipes and oily makeup remover solutions with our reusable pad! Just pop them in with your laundry! For best results, do not use laundry bags or fabric softener. For tough stains, we recommend hand washing with soap. Hang dry overnight and it will be ready to be used again the next day!
  • Premium Quality- Ultra-fine and soft microfibers with reinforced seams so you can wash and reuse. Not all microfibers are the same, our microfibers allow you to SEE what you have removed and designed especially for removing makeup and dirt. Think of it as a full-face wash in a cloth!
  • 3 colors optionsWhite one for removing light makeup,Brown is for removing daily makeup and Black for removing heavy makeup.

**** For heavy and waterproof makeup are recommended to clean with lip and eye makeup remover ****