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One Press Tape Dispenser

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Wrap like a PRO!

One Press Tape Dispenser cuts equal length strips of transparent tape with a single squeeze of the trigger. It helps to seal envelopes, hang children’s art work, and keep everything together. 


  • Portable, convenient and no battery required
  • One-handed operation
  • Concealed cutting blade,safe enough for a child to use
  • Cuts equally-sized pieces approximately 1.75" (4.44cm) long
  • Custom lengths possible
  • Works with Tapes that <20mm
  • Tape envelopes, packages, wrap presents, use in home, office or classroom

    Get the job done by one hand only!

    1. Point and apply the tape dispenser to the surface of the things you wish to tape, such as wrapping paper, envelops, or packages.
    2. Keeping the roller applied to the surface and guiding the tape dispenser to the desired length.
    3. Release the lever and the tape will be cut automatically.
    4. Simply press down the lever then release.

    Kindly reminder: Make sure that you keep pressing the lever to the end until the desired length and then release

    Colour: Random