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Omni Dry - 100 Packets

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Maintain the freshness of household items

These tiny packets will save your essentials!

These little packets of Omni Dry - 100 Packets contain silica gel bits that serve as desiccants. They maintain the good condition of certain household items such as appliances, leather goods, even food, and vitamins or medication by absorbing the moisture that could ruin their state. Silica gel prevents the growth of mold and rapid spoilage. Just place a few packets of Omni Dry - 100 Packets near delicate items in your home to make them stay fresh. These packs are harmless enough to be near food and supplements. With packets like these in your home, you'll be saving more money from preventing rapid replacements if items.

Order your hundred pieces of Omni Dry - 100 Packets today!


Material: Silica Gel
Size: 3cm x 4cm/1.17" x 1.56" (approx.)
Color: Clear
Qty: 100pcs