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Nibbler Metal Cutter

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Get an 360 adjustable degree cutter for your metal working. A drill attachment for you to replace old traditional cutting tools. Safe to touch and easy to control. Leaves smooth edges when the cutting task are done. The perfect tool for any cutting task such as roofing sheet, stainless steel, aluminium sheet, metal pipe, PVC pipe, Metal Tank, Plastic, Leather, Cardboard and etc. 


  • Double Headed Metal that fits to any electric or power drill.
  • Convenient and Perfect alternative to the traditional electric or air powered nibbler.
  • Double cutting head, Compact size, easy to operate and labor-saving.
  • Excellent cutting effect without any burrs and edges.
  • It should used with an 8 mm electric drill or an air drill.
  • Suitable for car repair and maintenance and metal sheet productions.


  • Steel plate: less than equal 1.8mm
  • Stainless steel plate: less than equal 1.2mm
  • Copper/aluminum plate: less than equal 2mm
  • Plastic/fiber plate: less than equal 2mm
  • Speed: 1500-3000rpm/min
  • colour: Silver+black