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Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

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✔️Eco-Friendly Inhalation Technology: Our mosquito repellent bracelet uses an eco-friendly technology free of chemicals to keep your home and workplace free of mosquitos and other irritating bugs. 

✔️ Safe and Non-Toxic: The bracelet is free of chemicals and is not harmful to humans or animals. It can be worn by both adults and children as well as by animals. Harmless to the human, 100% safe for babies and pregnant women.

✔️Works against mosquitoes and others insects by stimulating different sound frequencies. 

✔️Can be use outdoor oder indoor. 

Product Description
- Input: 5V/1A
- Output: 34Hz-70KHz
- Charging time: about 30 minutes
- Life time: 130h

Package Included

- 1 bracelet
- 1 charging cable 
- 1 instruction manual