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Clamps for Woodworking,Angle Clamp,Carpenter Tools

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                Clamps for Woodworking,Angle Clamp,Carpenter Tools

These 4 pcs corner clamps are made of high-quality ABS materials making them more durable, stronger, but lightweight.

Single handle, adjustable jaws, sturdy, non-slip, quick set-up, and quick fix.

Applicable size: 0.2 - 1 inch.
The maximum clamping range is 90, which can clamp steel rods, metal pipes, wood, thick glass, and other materials.

These angle clamps are suitable for the small woodworking project, to build wooden boxes, picture frames, birdhouses, mailbox, dresser drawers assembly, wooden DIY project, etc.

  • A set of 4 corner clamps: You can assemble the four pieces of the box, photo frame, or other small furniture at the same time, this 4Pcs corner clamp make the assembly work easier
  • Multifunctional: These angle clamps are suitable for the small woodworking project, to build wooden boxes, picture frames, birdhouse, mailbox, dresser drawers assembly, wooden DIY project, etc.
  • One-handed operation: Made of ABS material, which means these angle clamps are very lightweight, very sturdy, and durable. You can hold the 90-degree clamps for woodworking in one hand and the tool in the other, which made woodwork more labor-saving and time-saving.
  • adjustable size & strong spring: Good for 90-degree corner and T-joints woodworking project, Fit boards with a thickness of 3/16" - 3/4", or good for applying to the assembly of two boards with different thicknesses. High spring tension helps to keep boards in place when screwing or gluing them together.

    Fast and simple fixing of boards and frames at an angle of 90 degrees.
    For boards with a thickness of 5-22mm. 10-22mm
    Mounting aid device for screwing or gluing the boards together.
    For corner and T-joints, even with different board thickness.
    Suitable for woodworking, cabinet and furniture repairing connections, photo frame reinforcement, wooden DIY projects, etc.

    Color: orange+black
    Item Type: Right Angle Locator
    Clamping range: 5-22mm 10-22mm
    Total length: 78mm / 3.1in
    Maximum width: 85mm / 3.3in
    Maximum height: 51mm / 2.0in
    Package size: 200 * 180 * 60mm / 7.9 * 7.1 * 2.4in
    Package weight:
    4pcs: 323g / 11.4ounce

    The Corner Clamp Kit provides a welcome hand while on the job by firmly holding your boards together while you're screwing, gluing, or drilling!

    Save your time & energy and increase your productivity during your next project.

    Hold your boards in perfect alignment for accurate corners, every time with the Corner Clamp Kit!


    The Corner Clamp Kit eliminates frustration and provides a quick and easy solution for shifting boards. 

    Effortlessly fix, align & hold your workpieces together with precision and perfect alignment. 

    Ideal for drawers, box construction, frames, cabinets & more! 


    Save time, energy, and focus by quickly and easily clamping your boards together.

    Experience fast and accurate corner clamping for both 90° corners and T joints!

    Make your projects faster, easier & more efficient with the Corner Clamp Kit!


    The Corner Clamps are strong, spring-loaded, and provide a firm & reliable hold.

    The tough & durable build of these Corner Clamps allow them to withstand use on any job site or project. 


    Whether you are constructing boxes, cabinets, or cases - the Corner Clamp Kit makes getting perfect corners a breeze!

    The Corner Clamp Kit gives you an extra set of hands that securely hold your pieces for you. 

    Experience the fastest & easiest way to improve your efficiency during any woodworking project through firm & accurate holds!

    Great Performance, High Quality


    • The best part is that the single swing jaw can fix two different sizes of rods or blocks at an angle of 90 degrees. With the ergonomic quick-release handle, users can adjust it quickly and easily.
    • No matter it is metal/steel, glass, or plastic, the corner clamp holds their angles together like a vise, and create an unobstructed working area for you, so you do the job precisely and quickly.
    • The main body of the angled clamp is made from abrasion-resistant aluminum die-casting alloy. This clamp is built for last long for drilling, nailing, framing, welding, and so on.
    • The angle clamp is sold directly from the factory.

    Notes and Tips


    • Please check the thickness of rods/blocks you are about to fix, if too thick(max. 68mm), they may not fit in.
    • If the glasses are too thin, the clamp may crack it. However, you are suggested to pad some tissues, towels, or leather between the glass and the clamp. This can avoid the angle clamp cracks/scratches on the glass.
    • Always remember that the clamp is a temporary device used to securely hold the work-piece. So, you should remove the clamps once the job is done.
    • The metal clamp is heavy and may be dangerous for children. Please keep the metal clamp away from children.

    1. Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.
    2. Please allow 0.5-2 cm differences due to manual measurement.