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Memory Foam Bedding Pillow

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High-density pressure-relieving: high-density memory cotton, the memory of the head and neck curve structure, more accurate scanning of human blood vessel fluctuation range, easy to fall asleep for the arteriovenous to leave a "micro" space, in the true sense of "vascular 0 pressure", Fast conduction reaches equilibrium, evenly releases head and shoulder pressure, and quickly falls asleep.

Micro-arc support for the cervical vertebra: the hyperbolic curve of the neck, can be used on both sides, can make the neck form a natural curve! Unique curved shape, front high and low wave curve design.

Unique massage particle design: unique soft massage particles to promote microcirculation and relieve fatigue during work.

Breathable and comfortable skin-friendly fabric: high-quality foamed outer pillowcase, precision textile, fine pores. Ensure the air exchange inside and outside the pillow, breathable skin, deep sleep.

The memory material is soft and supportive: the memory pillow is characterized by softness and elasticity. This is a pillow that can not be used at the same time. The hand touch is soft, but the weight of the head and neck is absolutely more than enough. The memory pillow that will not collapse is well maintained. It will not be deformed after 7 years of use, and the softness and support are still strong.

Use: Bedding
Thread Count: 300TC
Pattern Type: Solid
Filling: Memory Foam
Material: Polyester / Cotton
Feature: Memory, Massage
Fabric Count: 40
Part: NECK
Shape: Rectangle
Weight: 0.5-1 kg