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Measuring Tape Black 3 in 1

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Makes measuring anything FasterEasierEfficiently and Accurately!

The 3 in1 Measure King is the World's Best Tape Measure! 

The 3 in 1 Measure King features a bright LED digital readout, has built-in memory storage, and can easily toggle between standard and metric units. It is also built to last and was built to contractor standards, it's tough, rugged, durable, and gives dead-accurate measurements every time.

Best Features:

✅ Easier, Faster, Accurate, and Efficient
✅ 3 Modes of Options - Tape Mode, Roll Mode, and Laser Mode
✅ Heavy Duty in Material
✅ Led Display Feature
✅ Standard and Meter Option
✅ Tape Mode - Measures Up To 11 Feet (3 Meters)
✅ Laser Mode - Measures Up To 25 Feet (7 Meters) 
✅ Roller Mode - Measures Up To 75 Feet (22 Meters)