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Manual Ginger Garlic Presser

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New Innovative Garlic Presser


Design To Mince Garlic Easier


Product Feature:

  • Press and mince garlic easily: Simple movement with a slight back and forth rocking motion to mince your ginger and garlic easily for cooking purpose. Save your time and doing it without any knives. 
  • Made from Durable Material: Corrosion-resistant and will not rust nor break. A premium stainless steel and FDA approved silicone manual presser. 
  • Easy to clean and store: Just rinse with water or clean it with dishwasher  because the garlic presser only collects and press the garlic or ginger. It is design in a compact and portable size which is easy to store in kitchen. 
  • Keeps your hands clean: Avoid odor since there is no contact with garlic leaving you with all the delicious benefits and none of the smelly side effects.

Product Size: