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Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

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Finally an EASY way to clean make up brushes!

As the saying goes, "a clean brush is a happy brush"...or something along those lines. However, it's an unwavering truth that brushes need just as much tender loving care as the rest of your curated collection of cosmetics. Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat ensures that each bristle and head receive the thorough and gentle cleanse they need and deserve.


  • Safe Material - Made of high quality silicone which is non-toxic and take care of your tender skin.
  • Multi-functional Design - 7 kinds of screw thread design, suitable for a thorough cleaning of various facial and eye makeup brushes, as well as blackening brush.
  • Easy to use - This unique mat with 7 suction cups design. Perfect for easy cleaning by simply suctioning the cup to your sink, our brush cleaning mat will stay in place while you scrub away all the old makeup residue.
  • Portable and Convenient - Home living or travel, a brush or several brushes, suitable for different occasions.
  • Decent shape - Lovely apple shape and variety colors can be choosed. Adaptable to most sinks, foldable to be stored.


Wet brush head with warm water and work a small amount of cleanser into bristles. Use the Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat to thoroughly wash brush until fully clean. Rinse brush and squeeze out any excess water.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat