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Makeup Brush Cleaner

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 Did you know Without cleaning your makeup brushes Collect more bacteria than your toilet brush? Yep!! 

 But, It takes forever to clean and wait for brushes to dry!!

 Here is your answer! Easily clean and dry your makeup brushes in seconds!

 Check out Its benefits: 

  ✓. Helps avoid skin problems that come from Dirty brushes.

  ✓. Quickly dries brushes (no more waiting forever).

  ✓. Can also be a makeup brush organizer and can hold up to 8 brushes.

  ✓. Harmless to your makeup brushes (updated design).

  ✓. Save money instead of keeping buying new brushes.

  ✓. Suited for almost all types of makeup brushes (from 4-30 millimeter).

  ✓. Has a specially designed bowl that traps water from your brush to keep your area clean.

Easy to Use!

Package Includes: 

 ✓. 1 X Brush Cleaner.
 ✓. 1 X Glass Brush Spinner Bowl.
 ✓. 1 X Silicone Collars Stand.
 ✓. 8 X Rubber Holders (Different Sizes).
 ✓. 1 X Manual.


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