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Magnetic Tool Organizer Bar

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No more searching for your missing tools while working on your projects. This handy, Magnetic Rack Tool Holder will help you achieve an organized and neat environment for your working space. Made of super-strong magnets, with a steel channel for added strength, this tool holder is the perfect organizing gadget! Its strong magnetic power can hold up even the heaviest metal objects in your workshop!

Easy on the wall, you can easily absorb metal (steel, iron) tools, in particular, often need to use the tools, easy access, easy to organize.

Use the tool to remove, do not need to nail, do partition

Tools look more intuitive and more structured.

Thick material manufacturing, heavyweight, Seiko manufacturing, reliable quality

Commonly used tools to stand up is the easiest to find, the magnetic is the easiest way to put out the fixed way, combined with this magnetic tool hanging, is your best choice, the original tool can be so easy to find, Pick up the Tool is so convenient

Use it to hold knives, Wrench, Pliers, scissors, tools, children's toys, keys, and whatever else you can think of as the ultimate organizer

Material: Strong magnetic material
8" x0.9" x0.49"
12" x0.9" x0.49"
18" x0.9" x0.49"
Weight capacity: 11lbs / 15lbs / 22lbs
Color: As shown in the pictures