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Magic Sock Threader

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Tired of ... 
hurting your back while leaning?  
to fight to put on your socks? 

THE Solution:  
The Magic Sock Threader 

Not Available in Classic Store. 

🔸  Anyone who has had back pain knows how difficult, if not impossible, to put on socks!

🔸  The gesture seems harmless and yet if you have back problems: 

Put on a pair of socks turns into a nightmare!


Fortunately, the Magic Sock-Thread will save you! 


🔸 Ultra simple to use:

  1. you put the sock on the sock door,
  2. you put it on the ground,
  3. you put your foot on it,
  4. you pull the handle,
  5. your sock is slipped and adjusted.


🔸 100% durable: the sock is made of super-resistant plastic , it will serve you as many times as it will be necessary. 

🔸 Fits all types of socks.