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Magic Hair Finishing Stick

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Having a hard time keeping your hair tidy? 

Finally a solution to having your hair stay in place!

Magic Hair Finishing Stick designed to hold your hair perfectly in place and is very easy to use. It's made from natural plant oils that nurture your hair while providing a strong and lasting hold. 

Designed as a convenient solution for flyaways, baby hairs, and stray ends. Helping you achieve your desired styles while strengthening and conditioning your hair. 


  • Strong and long-lasting hold
  • Keeps hair dry and non-greasy
  • Strengthens and conditions hair
  • Refreshing and nurturing
  • Clear product suitable for all hair colors
  • Suitable for all ages
  • As mini as your mascara, easy to carry anywhere

Tidy up those messy bits of hair to get a clean look with EASE!